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WELLSTON TRADING CORPORATION has a long history and originally initiated a manufacturing company, as Kyowa Works Corporation in 1934, which produced spare parts for automobiles, construction machineries and ship engines.


About 37 years later in 1971, we newly set up a trading company to engage in the sales of a wide range of ship equipment and spare parts. In 2002, we changed the company name as WELLSTON and focus on expanding the worldwide business.

To offer the best service of the time is just what we have put a great value for seventy years since foundation.

  • 1934 – Kyowa Works Corporation
  • 1971 – Trading Company
  • 2002 – Changed the company name to WELLSTON




Managing Director

Born in Tokyo and 49 years old.

My Hobby:
Hill climbing, backcountry skiing, watching dramas and working as well.
My Favorite Best 3 Food:
chocolate, soybean, nutritional supplement
My life in the past two decades since I established WTC was “trial and error”
Valued Customer:
Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime. I will deal with your inquiries for 24 hours !!



Accounting Department

Hi, I’m Chiemi Ishii.

I have a 19-year-old son, 11-year-old daughter and 5-year-old toy poodle.
I’m from Kagawa, which is rural and the smallest prefecture in Japan and surrounded by quiet ocean.
It is famous for Sanuki Udon, chewy noodle, which is very different from Ramen noodle, and please try it if you have a chance.

My Hobby:
I play golf and go to hot spring & sauna, and sleep well like a baby.
I would like to deepen mutual exchange and share thehttps://www.facebook.com/wellstontrading news, business or personal, with you.



Sales / Language - Japanese / English

Hello, our customers, this is Yuki.

What do you like to do in your free-time?

I enjoy playing the Trumpet every weekend with my wind ensemble band & Jazz band (like Big Band) ♪
I used to join the marching band, Drum Corps International, in USA a decade years ago.
Now, I started playing the Guitar and Ocarina recently! Music makes me feel relaxed.

What is your favorite food?

Ramen noodle!! I believe this is the BEST food in the world, I’m very interested in the food from all over the world.
Last but not least, I would be glad if I could talk with our customers across the world. (of course, working is first, haha..)


Sales / Language - Japanese / English

Hello, I’m Kari Tomita.

I was born and raised in Tokyo.
The thing I love to do is cooking, eating, drinking beer, wine and sake. I drink like a fish!
I feel happiest when I have something delicious food. 
I’ve recently started playing golf. I am still a beginner but very excited about my first game!
Please give me some advice if you have experience of playing golf!
I look forward to working with you.


Sales / Language - Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean

My name is Sai Takao. Nick name is Sai kun and I’m 30 years old.

I’m a Korean ethnic and born in China and working in Japan now.
I am quadrilingual, Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese.

What do you like to do in your free-time?

Recently I am addicted in long distance running, cycling and delicious food.
My favorite food is super spicy food especially Chinese food and Korean food.

Message to client – WTC is the brilliant diamond in Japan to wait for you to find it.


Sales / Language - Japanese / English

Hi, this is Saori.

I was born and raised in Osaka, of course I’m good at cooking TAKOYAKI ! (known as local dish in my hometown)
Traveling, dancing, workout, watching TV dramas and chatting with my friends are my favorite things to do !
Among the places I`ve traveled, Okinawa is my most favorite place and because I like Okinawa, I visit there every year. Time goes by so slowly there that’s why I’m so in love !

Thank you for visiting our website. Awaiting many requests from you !



Sales / Language - Japanese /English / Tagalog / Cebuano

Hi my name is Saki.

I’m half Japanese and Filipino.

Recently, I just started working out and running for health! I’m not used to it yet so I hope I can continue though. I’d like to share the three things that I like!

The ocean, sunset, and star!! I love being in the place surrounded by nature.
Also I love reading, and eating, except! raisins I really don’t like it.

I value the importance in people’s connection.
I like being connected with people around the world and learning different cultures.
Hope there would be chances I get to know many people through Wellston!


Sales / Language - Japanese / English / Chinese

My name is Jessica.

I enjoy traveling and have been to Germany, France, Thailand, and much more.
I cannot wait to travel other countries I never been and want to know more local culture and enjoy the traditional cuisine.

I like sweets, barbecue dish, spicy hot pot, and any other delicious food.
Many people control their weight for beauty, but I do it for pleasure of eating more. (Laugh)
I am looking forward to connecting with more people from different countries.


Sales / Language - Japanese /English / Tagalog / Cebuano

I’m Ken Sakamoto.
I`m half Filipino and half Japanese.

What do you like to do in your free-time?

On my day off, I play games(on my phone),recently I addicted on FPS games, also watching movies is my hobby too. My favorite movie is harry potter series, In harry potter series “Half Blood Prince” is the best for me.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is Pudding! Pudding has differences in country.
Like in japan more milky and smooth, At Philippines more thick flavor of egg.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to working with you for a long term.


Sales Manager / Language - Japanese /English / Tagalog

Hi Everyone!

I’m Marlene Santos (sales manager), 100% Filipino.

Singing and dancing is my way to stay in good health and prefect weight (38kgs.), guess what’s my height??
Of course I love to eat, my favorite food are shrimp tempura, fried shrimp, shrimp boiled egg, shrimp fried rice, pork cutlet and the old fashioned ramen.

To be frank, away from my country Philippines is not that just easy, that’s why I’m very thankful for the opportunity working here at Wellston, beautiful people around, my family in Japan I’m proud of.


Sales / Language - Japanese / English / Indonesian

Hello everyone, my name is Dennis.
I am Indonesian and came to Japan to get my degree in business. I
I love eating ramen and do window shopping during my free time.
Recently I just bought small plants and looking forward for them to grow.
At Wellston we are looking forward to grow our market more to, not only Asia, but also all around the world.
With Japanese quality item, we would be happy for future opportunities to serve you!


Takayuki Miyashita

Director of Domestic Department


Domestic Departments

Hello. My Name is Ito. I`m the oldest personnel in the company!

I`m enjoying working here surrounded by young colleagues.
My hobby is, running early in the morning and playing tennis with my wife during day-off.
Recently, I`m into assembling plastic model.
It has such small parts and difficult details which is good for the brain of oldies like me!
At home, we are surrounded by 5 lovely cats and enjoying life drinking a sip of beer everyday~

Hatsuo Yamazaki

Domestic Department
Tetsuji Kawata

Tetsuji Kawata

Domestic Department